Tips in Controlling Genital Herpes – Keeping Yourself Herpes-Free

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The lurking danger of contracting herpes anytime is very real. Infection rate among the Americans is very high, one to every five adults. Isn’t it disturbing? What the statistic’s trying to show us only proves that there is no security for all of us not to be infected by this permanent disease.

Say No to Herpes

Genital herpes, though incurable could be totally avoided and there were plenty of good reasons to avoid this kind of infection. Knowing how this virus is being contracted and being spread is a good way to start with. Knowledge of things spares the individual from surefire harm and danger. However, maintaining a safe distance from infection is a little bit tricky sometimes given the danger of being lured and caught off-guard by looming temptation everywhere, especially to teenagers whose passion for sexual indulgence is at the highest. Never forget that the consequences of not saying no to temptation are far greater than that of saying no itself.

Is there anybody who out there who is exempted?

According to studies, the only persons who are possible candidate forĀ genital herpesĀ are those currently not infected at all! Isn’t it amazing?! Well, start asking yourself now if you are already infected or not. If your answer is not, then you’d better start armoring yourself to the brim because nobody is exempted from this kind of disease, not even infants.

In order to stay herpes-free, here are some suggestions and helpful tips:

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