Understanding Genital Herpes – Herpes FAQ’s and Answers

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The key to understanding one thing is the full knowledge of it. The most unprecedented way of knowing a thing is to ask relevant questions. By doing so, vague ideas could be cleared and wrong connotations regarding that thing could be straightened out as well.

Herpes Mystery

Mystery that surrounds herpes virus seems to be unsolved until now. Many people still asked questions similar to those being asked already. To have a clearer idea of this virus and to give solution to the looming mystery around it, here are some thoughts that can help one way or another in solving the stir created by this herpes virus.

The danger of being infected by genital herpes lies mostly to those who were sexually active regardless of their age, color and race. How not to become infected is becoming greater an issue and it is mainly due to the increasing sexual activity among teenagers particularly. The only way to stay out of trouble when abstinence is impossible is to practice safe sex. Use condom every time the urge became irresistible.

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