Why More Women Have Genital Herpes Than Men

October 29, 2009 by admin 

One in four women suffer from Genital Herpes compared to one in five men. This is mainly due to the way the virus is transmitted between males and females.

Herpes is transmitted from the sores which are caused by the virus, but additionally it is also transmitted from skin outbreaks which show no symptoms of the virus and do not appear to be broken or to have a herpes sore. Anybody who has Genital Herpes can infect their sexual partner during sexual activity. This means that even if you have no signs of a herpes outbreak, it is possible to infect your partner with the herpes virus. Very often, people who are not even aware that they have contracted the herpes virus, transmit it to others.

Occasionally, the type 1 herpes virus also causes Genital Herpes however, it is more common that it is the cause of mouth or lip blisters which are commonly associated with a viral illness such as flu or fever.

If a person attracts type 1 herpes in the genital area, it is possible that the herpes has been caused by either genital to genital or genital to oral contact by an already infected person.

Because of the makeup of a woman’s genitalia, it is more likely that she will contract herpes from a male as she is more likely to have broken skin in the genital area than a male.

Herpes can be transmitted during sex, which means genital sex and oral sex. It is also possible to transmit the herpes virus via your fingers.


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