7 Symptoms For Genital Warts

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are noticed on the penis, rectal areas and on the urethra. These warts generally appear on the vaginal lips, uterus, anal area and inside the vagina in women. Since it takes some weeks for the symptoms to actually appear, you must not wait for these warts to make their presence felt and must undergo check ups on a regular basis to ensure you do not get afflicted with the virus. You cannot afford to wait and hope that they will not appear and must take preventive action much before that.
The reason for the appearance of these Genital Warts is the presence of the condylomata cuminat or human papillomavirus. This virus is normally contacted through sex and like some of the other sexually transmitted diseases; they do not show symptoms immediately. In cases where your partner is still about to contact this virus and no warts have appeared as yet, it is more than likely that you will contact it immediately and you thus have to be extremely careful in choosing your partner for sex.
Let us look at some of the symptoms that are common and can be considered as warning signs telling us to be careful about Genital Warts that may appear.
1. The presence of red, grayish and pink cauliflower like ulcers around the genital area. These may increase in number and form a colony and there is a great possibility that they begin to spread rapidly throughout the area.
2. The area experiencing an increase in wetness and stickiness that is uncomfortable and often gives a bad odor.
3. Sudden increase in the secretion and excretion of vaginal fluid.
4. The infected person experiences a lot of pain, bleeding and a burning sensation, both during and after the sex act. Women face more problems and these sensations are magnified in their case as these genital warts appear within the cervix and towards the interior of the vaginal walls.
5. The presence of small and tiny boil like manifestations on the penis shaft which threatens to spread along the shaft.
6. A lot of itching, discomfort and a constant need to scratch for relief. Very often these are misunderstood for rash and are left untreated.
7. While genital warts can be painless when mild, they can also cause extreme burning at the affected areas making life extremely difficult for the infected person. He or she is not able to carry out their daily duties in a peaceful manner and may have to seek urgent remedy to mitigate the problem.
The above mentioned symptoms are the most common signs associated with the genital warts disease. If you have genital warts, you must abstain from sexual contact and get yourself treated immediately. It may otherwise cause other complications to your health. Your doctor is the best guide who can advise you on a medical plan that will provide you immediate relief and ensure things do not get out of hand. Make sure that you do not try to treat it yourself as consequences can be quite disastrous.


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