Genital Warts – Medical Approach

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), a tricky infection that likes to play hide and seek within those people infected with the virus. You may go for years at a time with no outbreaks and then all of the sudden you develop warts in the most intimate of places. You can learn how to get rid of Genital Warts temporarily to find relief, but there is always the chance that you can develop even more of them, all thanks to HPV. Did you know that considering all the medical advances that have been made, there has been no success in curing a viral infection? It is no wonder that HPV lingers on wreaking havoc in the form of warts. If you happen to have Genital Warts, you will never be completely free of them but you can eradicate what you have now and hope that the virus goes dormant.
If you have actually been to the doctor to see how to get rid of genital warts, chances are that you know all about the different medical approaches to getting rid of them. There is an injection administered at the wart sites with interferon as the main medical cocktail. Various prescription creams and chemical gels can also be administered under a doctor’s care.
Liquid nitrogen can be used in cryotherapy to try and freeze the wart off and could potentially take more than one treatment to be successful. Electro cauterization aka burning is another method used by doctors to try and eliminate those warts. Lasers and physical surgical excision are two more methods on how to get rid of genital warts via medical intervention.
Duct tape is by far one of the easiest and cheapest ways on how to get rid of genital warts and while you may not be able to use it on the most sensitive areas like inside the vagina or rectum, you can use it with caution on any genital warts outside of those delicate areas. Apply a piece of duct tape to the affected area and make sure that the warts were covered by the tape. Reapply the tape once a day as the fresh glue from the tape is what many experts believe to be “stripping” away the layers. This can take several weeks of treatment but eventually, there will be no layers left of the wart.
Some people swear by Vitamin C as a way on how to get rid of genital warts, only not in the way you think. Crush a Vitamin C tablet and mix with enough water to make a paste and then apply to the wart and cover with gauze and tape. The acidity in the vitamin is supposed to irritate the wart and help shrink the size but beware that it can be a bit irritating so this remedy should not be used on those genital warts inside the urethra or cervix.
There are countless ways being touted on how to get rid of genital warts naturally and some do work. However, the most tried and true methods for at least a little relief lie in medical intervention such as cryotherapy or surgical removal. Before trying anything on your own, be sure and research those ways on how to get rid of genital warts to ensure that no harmful side effects will occur.
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