How To Get Rid Of Smoking Habit

October 29, 2009 by admin 


Non-smokers can shout out about the ill-effects of smoking, but it is only the active smokers who know how painstaking can the process of quitting smoking be. Tremendous patience, strong determination and the right medium are the prerequisites for treading along this path. Several anti-smoking laws have been passed and many ‘no smoking zones’ have been created, yet smokers seem to find a way out and release themselves of the stress. Cigarettes and cigars continue to attract today’s youth in spite of repeated warnings, and business related to this medium continue to flourish like never before.

One cannot deny that there has been significant efforts to at least have control over this habit, if not eliminate it totally. Launched in the early 90s, Smoke Deter is one of the best anti-smoking products available in the present times. Lobelia Inflata, Licorice Root, Passion Flower, Mullein Root, Hawthorne Berries and Bioperine are the key ingredients in Smoke Deter. The first three ingredients: Lobelia Inflata, Licorice Root, and Passion Flower relax the nervous system, thereby making it work properly. Mullein root is good for the respiratory system and the bioflavonoid found in the Hawthorne berries is again, good for the cardiac tissues. Bioperine helps in the proper absorption of the ingredients by the body.

The Smoke Deter is available both as a liquid spray as well in the form of pills. The liquid oral spray works by getting absorbed into the blood vessels that are to be found under the tongue. It is noteworthy that Smoke Deter claims of reducing smoking cravings completely within a month’s time. Being an herbal medicine, it is available over the counter and do not require a prescription. The ideal dosage is to use the spray twice three times daily and take one pill thereafter. Apart from reducing cravings for nicotine to a bare minimum, Smoke Deter further stimulates the body’s healing system.

Costing $41.80 for a bottle of liquid spray and a bottle of capsules, the ingredients in Smoke Deter have the ability to fend off the many symptoms that may arise one trying to quit the long established smoking habit. Generally a person might experience frustration, mental depression and irritable mood swings when he tries to quit smoking. However, it is worth mentioning that the ingredients of Smoke Deter have the ability to help one prevent those negative emotions. Again, not all of us know that while smoking we inhale harmful chemicals like Butane, Carbon Monoxide, DDT, Lead and even Polonium-210.

Well planned schedule is a must have before settling for Smoke Deter. Taking proper notes of the number of cigarette sticks that you smoke in a day, the time when you smoke- whether it is after the meals or early in the morning, are a must. Proper execution of the plan is of utmost importance. Most active smokers have the habit of setting unrealistic plans for themselves. One must keep in mind that it is not possible to quit smoking one fine morning. The process is slow yet steady.



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