How to Remove Genital Warts

October 28, 2009 by admin 

It’s a hard time for you if you have Genital Warts. I understand this feeling since have had Genital Warts myself. They are nasty and ugly, an embarrassing thing this is. Genital Warts can put you in a long term depression…My advice is: don’t just sit and wait when they disappear on their own, do something about them!


Genital warts are transmitted via sexual contact and are caused by of the HPV(Human Papilloma Virus). There is no cure created yet to kill your HPV, although you can remove genital warts. One thing that can help is talking to your doctor about how to remove genital warts. Your doctor can give you a decent advice on this matter. In the same time it can relief your stress a bit which is also very important.


Actually there are plenty of ways to remove genital warts. The problem is, not all of them are proven to be safe and effective. Talking in general there are 2 major ways to deal with nasty lumps on your “private parts”, medicine and surgery. Surgery involves either laser therapy or freezing genital warts with liquid nitrogen. Both of methods are doubtable in terms of possibility of genital warts returning back after some time, neither it’s a cheap solution for you. There are some scars left on your infected areas after liquid oxygen treatment. This signs disappear after a decent amount of time. If you’re wondering how to remove genital warts without spending an arm and a leg on a surgery you better follow the natural methods. There are many natural methods available on the internet these days. The bad thing about this is that most of them are not proven to be effective and safe. This means that if you decide to use one of the “over the counter genital warts treatment you doing this at your own risk with getting even more serious infections or burning your skin. If you decide to use the medicine which your doctor prescribed you, obviously you need a prescription every time you go to pharmacy. This means more hospital visiting, hence more time and money spend from your pocket. I know that nowadays internet is overwhelmed by useless information and scams. This is the main reason I’m writing this article. You can spend even more of your time by searching the right treatment for genital warts on the web than making dozen visits to your doctor. You never know if the solution is going to help you or not. The purpose of this article is to save your time and money. I’ve had genital warts but I am free of them right now. I was lucky to stumble upon the best solution on the internet straight away.

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