HPV Warts – Why You Should Be Worried About Getting Them

October 29, 2009 by admin 

HPV warts are one of the most common types of skin infection that exists today. They are so common that they can affect anyone regardless of age, gender and location. This medical condition got its name from the Human Papilloma virus which causes it. This virus is present in almost any place as long as there is water and moisture in it. Anyone who then comes in contact with the virus will have a high possibility of acquiring any of the many forms of HPV warts.
Contrary to what many believe, these types of warts are not restricted to the genital area. Any wart, no matter where it is on your body is caused by HPV. So, those regular old warts that you see on peoples hands, knees and elbows are caused by HPV.
Once the virus gets into the skin, it will then cause the skin cells on the outer layer to grow at an incredibly abnormal rate. This causes the infected skin area to appear rough and bumpy. Some type of warts may also appear as small fingerlike growths while some possess flat and smooth surfaces. Whatever the case, all of them appear ugly and abnormal as compared with the normal type of skin that is present among all of us.
They are not that generally dangerous because they are usually benign in structure. This means that they don’t have the tendency to develop into other more severe medical conditions like cancer. However, the high rate of infection that they possess is enough to make them undesirable for anyone who has them. The fact that they are also unsightly doesn’t help a lot into making HPV warts more acceptable and endearing.
The good thing is that these warts have the tendency to disappear on their own after a couple of weeks or months. This makes it convenient for anyone who doesn’t want to waste their time and effort in treating this insignificant skin condition. However, various methods of treatments are available for anyone who wants fast and effective relief from warts.
Some methods you might use include electrosurgery, cryosurgery and laser surgery. These treatments must be done in your doctors office and work at removing the entire wart and thus the virus that causes it. The treatment must remove the layers of skin that have the virus or your warts will simply return. The good thing about these treatments is that your wart will be gone immediately, the bad thing is that they may cause some discomfort and might leave a scar.
HPV warts can also be treated with natural methods. One method that is reputed to be effective is to crush up a clove of garlic and apply the paste directly to the wart. Put a bandage over this and leave for 1 week. Repeat until the wart is gone. A similar remedy involves the same procedure but with crushed vitamin C. Other remedies that you can apply directly to the wart include aloe vera, tea tree oil, lemon oil, papaya, dandelion and milkweed.


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