Natural Ways of Fighting Genital Warts – Steps to Treat This Problem

October 28, 2009 by admin 

So how is the disease spread?

The HPV virus is passed from one person to another during a sexual act with an infected partner whether they re engaging in oral, anal or vaginal sex. The virus can be carried either in the vagina, the penis or around the rectum of the infected party. Big number of the people carrying the virus may not show any indication that they are infected because the symptoms may take a long time to appear and sometimes just never appear at all.

How are is the diseased detected?

Some people who are infected may never get to show the symptoms at all. The doctor needs to perform some specific tests to be able to detect the presence of the virus in your body. Some of the time the warts will appear too small to be seen by the naked eye though there people who will develop warts that are the size of a peanut if not bigger, and have the shape of a cauliflower head. Any time you are in doubt about your condition do not take chances. Simply visit a physician who will be more than willing to assist you with the condition.

Are there natural home remedies for removal of the warts?

Whenever you have confirmed that you are suffering from Genital Warts, you do not need to suffer in silence any more. There are plenty of natural ways to manage the condition that will give you the much needed relief. There are many herbs and natural formulas that are effective in dealing with the condition if you take time to look for them. Some of them are like the essential oils extracted from Thuja and the Tea Tree that are known to be very effective in dealing with the warts. The oils are known to be very powerful so a dilution with vegetable or castor oil will usually do for you.

Since treating and removing the Genital Warts is just the beginning of the healing process, other things need to be considered also. The major one is maintaining a proper nutritional regime. A good balanced diet will help boost your immune system so that it can deal with the underlying virus. Look also for immune system enhancing herbs which are available in the plenty. Try as much as possible to avoid stressful conditions because these are known to lower your immunity and make you more vulnerable.


The treatment of Genital Warts the natural way demands complete cooperation with the system of nature that demands a holistic approach to treatment. This kind of treatment not only focuses on the virus but the whole being. That takes some little learning but the results are usually worth the effort that you put in.

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