Overcoming Genital Warts – Ways to Get it Out of Your System

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Will they disappear on their own?

It is important to note that in extremely few cases the warts can actually disappear alone. The only challenge is determining who among us can count themselves among the lucky few. For the rest of the population the warts will develop and will need proper treatment. The doctor is usually better placed to recommend the treatment that will best go with the condition of your warts after some consideration.

Treatments include:


The procedure involves the doctor freezing the warts with liquefied nitrogen which eventually causes the warts to fall off. This is a quick and efficient procedure and may require about three or so treatment to eliminate the warts completely. Some side effects include ulceration of the area or change of color of the skin where the warts once stood.


The doctor uses a tiny needle to deliver a low voltage electric current to the base of the wart and gets to remove the wart with very little or no blood loss. The effectiveness of this method is rated at about 90 percent.

Carbon dioxide laser:

This mode of treatment uses infrared light to attack the warts. The advantage of this method is that it can be used to attack the larger warts without affecting the surrounding areas of the body and there is no loss of blood at all. The disadvantage has to do with the cost which is a bit on the higher side for many patients.

Surgical excision:

Another way of treating Genital Warts that have become too large is surgical excision.  The doctor simply removes the entire mass surgically in a minor operation which will take some little time to heal.

There are also some non-surgical methods that are used to get rid of Genital Warts that may be considered:

Application of podophyllin:

This resin is applied directly to the wart by the doctor. It disables the ability of the wart to multiply itself through reproduction although the warts are usually likely to return after a while. It can also have some side effects since it can be ingested through the skin and may affect you liver in future.

Application of popodophyllotoxin:

This is a cream that the doctor will give you and you an actually administer it on your own for three consecutive days, followed by a break of four days. The cycle can be repeated until there is relief.

This article is meant to encourage you to seek treatment immediately you discover you have contracted the HPV virus and Genital Warts. The sooner treatment is started usually the better the chances of recovery.

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