Prescription Treatments For Genital Warts

October 28, 2009 by admin 

There are many prescription treatments for Genital Warts that are effective in treating the problem. Genital Warts are flat, or cauliflower like skin growths that typically appear on the penis, around the vagina or around the anus. They are caused by a virus called human papilloma virus (HPV) and are spread through sexual contact. Prescription drugs for Genital Warts coupled with medical procedures provide the most effective treatment. Bear in mind that there is no cure for the virus that causes genital warts. They are not easy to treat and may come back even after successful treatment.
Prescription treatments for genital warts include imiquimod (brand name Aldara) a cream that you apply directly to the warts three times a week for up to 16 weeks. Imiquimod clears genital warts in 50% of the people treated. Although this prescription cream is expensive, it is safe and easy to use. Imiquimod boosts the immune system to fight HPV. Visit to learn more about genital warts.
Podofilox (Condylox) is a prescription gel or liquid that you apply directly to the genital warts twice a day, three times a week, for up to four weeks. This prescription drug destroys the tissue of external genital warts. It is inexpensive and easy to use. Podofilox clears genital warts in about 65 percent of people treated. Imiquimod and podofilox prescriptions for genital warts may be used at home.
TCA (trichloracetic acid) is another prescription that is used to treat genital warts. Because TCA is a caustic agent, it is imperative that it be administered properly to the genital warts in order to prevent damage to surrounding tissue. This prescription can only be administered by your doctor in the office. Several weekly treatments are required.
The treatment you choose for genital warts depends upon the specific type and severity of genital warts that you have. According to the American Academy of Physicians, the anti-viral drug called alpha-interferon can also be used. It is injected directly into the genital warts by a physician. While it may provide some temporary relief, alpha-interferon is very expensive and seems to have little effect on the recurrence of warts. It is probable that you will require more than one type of treatment.
Good hygiene is important when you are using prescription drugs for genital warts. Keep your genitals clean and dry and do not use scented soaps and bath oils that may irritate the genital warts.


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