The Difference Between Genital Warts And Genital Herpes

October 28, 2009 by admin 

There are differences and similarities between Genital Warts and genital herpes.  Both are conditions that are usually transmitted sexually and cause disruptions in the skin after the virus erupts.  Both conditions remain in the system after they are contacted, although the skin eruptions that occur because of the two conditions are different. 


Genital Herpes is also known as Herpes Simplex II.  There are two forms of the herpes virus, with Herpes I being the most common.  This causes fever blisters to appear around the mouth.  Herpes II causes blisters to appear around the genital area.  These blisters are painful for someone who suffers from this condition and are also contagious. Herpes is spread through sexual contact, usually when the blisters are present, although it can also be spread when no blisters are present. 


There is no cure for herpes, but there are treatments that can be used to clear up the blisters that are caused by this condition.  These treatments can hurry along the healing of the blisters so that they do not cause pain and discomfort for those who are suffering. 


Genital Warts are caused by the human papiloma virus, also called HPV.  HPV is the same virus that is linked to cervical cancer in women, although the strains of the virus that cause warts are not the same as those that are linked to the cancer.  Warts that appear around the genital area are lumps of hard skin that do not hurt.  In some cases, they go away on their own.  In other cases, they need to be treated .  Some doctors will use a therapy to freeze or burn the warts off of the skin.  In some cases, the warts can appear inside the vagina in women. 


There is treatment for Genital Warts that can remove these problematic skin eruptions.  This treatment should be used on warts that appear on the outside of the body and not internally.  Like other warts that people get from time to time, genital warts are caused by a virus that lives in the system.  These are very similar to the warts that a person may get in their fingers. 


In some cases, the body will enact the immune system to get rid of the warts that are on the skin.  Those who wish to hurry along the healing of warts or the blisters that are caused by herpes can get relief from using a topical solution that will clear up these skin eruptions.  Neither genital warts or Genital Herpes is life threatening, but the condition will remain dormant in the system with the warts or blisters showing up periodically.  Some people get more outbreaks than others when it comes to getting warts or blisters.  Others only get an outbreak once in a great while.  In addition to using topical cream to get rid of the warts and blisters, it is a good idea to keep the immune system healthy to ward off attacks.  The cream can be used to get rid of the eruptions after an attack transpires. 


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