The Secret Of Loosing Weight

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The main root behind almost every disease happens to be excess weight gain. Physicians all over the world have declared unanimously that obesity is cause behind numerous diseases that are more often than not met with fatal consequences. This is the sole reason behind physicians and dieticians constantly stressing the need to refrain gaining excess weight. However, the slim look of almost all Hollywood celebrities have helped businesses related to weight loss products shoot up steadily. In this connection it must be mentioned that weight loss products have their pros and cons. Hence prior consultation with the doctor is of utmost importance.

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is cutting down the total calorie intake in one’s daily diet. Eating in smaller portions surely goes a long way to help reduce that pathetically huge waistline. In fact, you can also share your meal with your best friend. You will not only have a gala lunch time, but you will also end up eating less. You will get positive result even before you start popping those weight loss products such as diet pills, certain supplements and so on. However, it must be noted that eating less does not always guarantee less intake in calorie.

Over weight people often have the habit of skipping meals because they have the misconception that if they eat fewer times, they will be eating less, and thereby lose weight. Dieticians and physicians have rubbished such claims and it has been scientifically proved that whenever we starve ourselves for one meal, there is always a tendency to overeat in the next meal. Hence, a healthy breakfast, enough sleep, daily exercise, detoxifying the body and finally reducing the intake of carbohydrates. It must be remembered that weight loss products alone cannot help to reduce those extra flabs.

The hullabaloo over the chemical weight loss products has drifted the wind towards natural weight loss products. Apple Cider Vinegar, considered to be a natural appetite suppressant, should be taken in portions of 1-3 teaspoons or apple cider vinegar diet pills before each meal. Even though there have been no reports to prove the effects of this natural product, it is believed that the vinegar probably affects the appetite by lowering the glycemic index of carbohydrates that is eaten at one single meal. This apart, Chromium, conjugated Linoleic acid, Chitosan and Bitter orange are some of the popular natural weight loss products.

Contrary to our belief, natural weight loss products are not always without any side effects. High blood pressure, heart strokes, constipation are only some of the health hazards that one might have to face on taking natural weight loss products without proper consultation with a physician. Synthetically weight loss products like Acai Burn, Acai Elite and Acai Noni are hugely popular because of their almost nil side effects. Herbal diet pills such as Cell-U-Loss and Snack Defense have produced excellent results as well. However, a physician’s and dietician’s advice is of utmost importance when it comes to undergoing any weight loss program.



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