Vulvodynia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

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Vulvodynia – vulva pain is actually a pain in vulva. This pain is normally described as stinging, irritating, burning, itching or raw feeling. It is mostly seen in white females. This is not much seen in females which are of other races. This is distinct from vulvar pruritus or itching. In fact, this precludes itching and burning because both give rise to intolerable feeling of scratching.
This type of condition gives rise to vulval burning as well as soreness normally as a series of hypersensitivity or irritation of nerve fibres which is in your vulval skin. The pain might be either localized or generalized in the vulva region. The burning sensation are considered to be extremely common, however the type as well as the severity of the symptoms are superiorly individualised.
In many women who have Vulvodynia, the problem lies within their nerve and it can’t be seen. Even though the pain might be felt within the skin, the problem is external. It could even make one depressed or upset. This may even create problems between them and their life partner.
Vulvodynia causes
The most usual risk factors and causes of Vulvodynia are the following -
The real cause for vulvodynia is not known, it might be considered as a result of numerous factors:
- Often Yeast Infections.
- Irritation or injury on the nerves which surround the vulvar region.
- Chemical exasperation of external genitals.
- Localized hypersensitivity or allergies of your skin.
- Present or past Genital Warts
Superior levels of the oxalate crystals found in your urine, these crystals resides in vulvar tissue which give rise to pain.
Vulvodybia symptoms
Few of the symptoms which are connected to the Vulvodynia are stated below -
- Pain arises in vulva.
- Severe point softness on touch as well as erythema.
- Stinging, aching, rawness of genital area, burning or irritation.
- The pain might even be sensed around urethra, inner thighs, back passage as well as top portions of the legs.
- Vulvar tissue might appear to be minimally swollen and inflamed.
Vulvodynia Treatment, What You Can Do
Below are methods which could be utilised to treat Vulvodynia -
Utilising medications like lidocaine could relief from the pain.
Taking in the drug – amitriptyline (this is most usually utilised as anti depressant however even utilised for treating the pain) is been proved to be most effectual for treating vulvodynia.
Few kinds of the vulvar pain can get better by using pills or creams which are particularly made for treating Yeast Infections.
The other types of treatments which might help are inclusive of laser therapy or interferon injections.
Surgery is considered to be the option for those women for whom the other treatment do not provide with effective results. Living with vulvodinia is not something you want. If you are having pain in the vulva, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Waiting to much time can worsen your condition. You deserve a quality life after all!
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