A Look at the Surgical Approach Methods to Genital Wart Removal

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Surgery or surgical excision is one of the surgical methods used for genital wart removal.

With so many other options available now, (laser therapy, cryosurgery etc.) surgical excision is usually amongst the last methods to be considered for genital wart removal.

This is because this method can be painful and in some cases can leave scarring on the skin. An anesthetic will need to be administered so the surgeon can cut the warts out of the skin.

With Cryotherapy/ Cryosurgery approach to genital wart removal, either liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide is used. One of these is applied to the wart for a few seconds. The genital wart will then freeze, after which it will be removed. This genital wart removal procedure can sting and be painful. It also needs to be applied by a trained member of the medical services as the freezing agents should only be applied on the Genital Warts themselves and not come into contact with normal unaffected skin. It should also be noted that when either the liquid nitrogen or the carbon dioxide is applied to the genital wart, that it doesn’t penetrate down to the epidermis. It affects only the outer layers of the wart, which means that your skin should ideally not become scarred.

Laser therapy genital wart removal uses a high powered laser beam to burn off the Genital Warts. It also seals the blood vessels to reduce any bleeding that might occur. An anesthetic or epidural might be needed as the procedure can be painful. Mostly though this treatment method is used in the cases where the warts are in hard to reach areas, or if extensive genital wart removal is needed. Laser therapy is an expensive genital wart removal procedure so you might want to think about whether this method is the right treatment for you.

With the Electrocautery genital wart removal, a charged electrical probe is used to burn and seal off the warts. Due to the cauterization of the skin, bleeding is kept to a minimal just as in the laser therapy. And, just as with laser therapy, an anesthetic might be needed as this procedure can be quite painful. Last but not least i wish also to make a reference to the LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) as a method of genital wart removal that uses an instrument with one end shaped like a loop. The sharp loop is utilized to cut the wart out, by going beneath the wart and slitting it out.


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