All You Need to Know About Genital Warts Treatment

October 28, 2009 by admin 

“Genital wart treament can be done in a number of ways. You might want to go for medication or surgery. The best mode of treatment for you will be best decided by your health care provider. Medication is usually in the form of locally applied creams like Imiquimode, podofilaox and tricholoroacetic acid. Surgical options include freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrocautery, surgical excision or laser treatment.”
Genital Warts treatment is the best course of action if you have been diagnosed with the condition. The treatment ranges from medication to surgery , but keep in mind that the underlying virus might not be completely eliminated. This may lead to recurrenc, which is one of the reasons why Genital Warts are a troublesome condition.
Genital Warts treatment can be in the form of medication. There are a large number of drugs available to treat this condition. This is usually in the form of creams which are to be applied to the genital area. They include Imiquimode, podofilaox and tricholoroacetic acid.
Do not use over the counter medication to treat genital warts. These preparations are usually of dubious origin and might result in inflammation and further irriatation of your skin. The condition may grow worse if you use such therapy to self – medicate as they tend to irritate the softer tissues of your genital area. Always start treatment under the guidance of a licensed practitioner.
Imiquimode is a form of cream which when applied to the genital areas boosts the local immunity. This allows the tissues to fight the virus. When you use this it is important to refrain from sexual contact as this cream can weaken condoms and diaphragms and may irritate your partner’s skin.
Another cream available on a health care provider’s prescription is podofilox. This acts by weakening the genital warts at the tissue level. The first dosage is usually applied under the guidance of qualified personnel. The use of this cream also requires caution. It is not meant for internal use and is to be avoided during pregnancy.
Tricholoroacetic acid or TCA as it is popularly known is another option to destroy genital warts. The checmical essentially burns off the wart tissue. This must only be done under the guidance of qualified personnel.
Genital wart treatment can also be in the form of surgery. This form of treatment is generally indicated for larger warts, those which do not respond to surgery and in case you are pregnant. If you are pregnant, wart removal is a must as your baby risks exposure to the virus during birth.
Surgical options you can explore are freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrocautery, surgical excision or laser treatment. Freezing with liquid nitrogen, also called cryotherapy works by freezing the skin at the base of the wart. This causes a blister to form and the wart sloughs off, leaving a surface which heals up quickly. You might have to go in for more than one session of cryotherapy to get the desired results.
Electrocautery uses heat to burn off the wart tissue. Surgical excision is a common genital wart treatment . This may require local anaesthesia. Laser treatment is usually expensive. It is reserved for resistant warts which are tough to treat. The warts are burnt of using a laser beam.


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