Genital Wart Remover – Does It Really Work?

October 28, 2009 by admin 

Have you been searching for a magical genital wart remover? A diagnosis of Genital Warts means that you have to seek treatment immediately. Genital Warts are an extremely common condition nowadays. The virus which causes these warts is sexually transmitted. The dangerous part s that the infection stays latent for up to three months. This means there are high chances that you might not even know that you are transmitting or contracting the virus.
If you or your partner has been diagnosed with Genital Warts, it is imperative to get advice from a qualified medical practitioner. You must not use over the counter remedies and genital wart remover creams that are advertised on the internet. You don’t really know what these sort of preparations contain. If you have itching or irritation of your genital skin due to the warts, these surreptitious preparations are bound to make things worse. If you use such a genital wart remover without any idea about what it is, you might actually end up having a secondary infection due to the inflammation these things cause.
Don’t try and search for a wonder remedy genital wart remover. You must understand that the infection is caused by one of many strains of the Human Papilloma Virus. The virus usually infects the topmost layers of the genital skin. it is a tough job eliminating the virus from here. The virus proceeds to stimulate the cells of the area to grow abnormally. This is what leads to a wart forming in the genital area. The problem when treating genital warts is that the virus may never be completely eliminated. There are chances that the infection can recur and that you may have warts again.
Now that you know why you should not use a fake genital wart remover, there are some preparations you can use. These are available on prescription by your doctor and you must use them only under medical supervision. Most genital wart remover medication that is available nowadays aims at removing the warts. New creams are also available which boost the local immunity and help fight the virus. The preparation you are prescribed depends on many factors. You might not be allowed to use these if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. You might also need another line of treatment if you have warts repeatedly or if the warts are too large to remove with creams alone.
You can choose from genital wart remover medication like condylox, aldara and podofin. Most of these creams have side effects like burning in the area where they are applied. You doctor can do a better job of applying these creams, so that the skin surrounding the warts are not irritated. After the first few applications, you may be allowed to do it yourself. Along with the application of creams you should also take precautions. You might have to abstain from sex during the period of treatment. This is because most creams make latex diaphragms and condoms weak. You must also take care never to remove genital warts on your own. if you try to pinch or pull out the warts, you are more likely to make the infection spread.


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