Genital Wart Treatment And The Remedies Available

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The types of HPV linked to cervical cancer usually are not the types linked with Genital Warts. But a woman with Genital Warts, like any other sexually active woman, should have regular smears as advised by her health professional. Cervical smears are the best safeguard against cervical cancer. Cervical smears detect abnormal cells present on the surface of the cervix. Cancer almost always can be prevented through the early detection and treatment of abnormal cervical tissue.

The treatment given for Genital Warts is invariably designed to reduce the spread of the warts in the infected person and to possible partners. The most arduous aspect of the process needs to be stressed because the warts have a tendency to reappear. Warts which are invisible but detected by a Pap test are usually only treated if the woman has multiple partners.

Although there is no cure for HPV, there are several treatment methods for genital warts. The severity of infection, the location of the warts, and other factors will influence the decision about which treatment might be best for a patient.

The infected area should be cleansed thoroughly and dried using a clean towel. Medication like powders, sprays or antifungal cream should be used as directed.

Several treatments, some of which are provider-administered or self-administered, are available. Genital warts can be chemically burned or frozen with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). Although these techniques for freezing the warts are effective, they can cause a temporary irritation of tissue. Some say that the use of castor oil is one of the good home remedies for warts . The oil should be applied kindly over the affected parts each night but how effective it would be with infected genitalia is not stated.

Some still say that the old methods should still be used today and that medicinal herbal extracts in the form of essential oils are the most efficient means of natural treatment as it is readily accepted into the body. Some of these oils are lipophilic, say the herbalists. That means that the essential oils are able to penetrate cell membranes faster than other substances.

Some cases of genital wart infection are treated by applying caustic chemicals to the infected area. More than one application is usually needed. Most of these treatments must be repeated several times, sometimes over several months. All methods of treatment have high failure rates. Therefore, reexaminations are recommended, even after the warts seem to go away. Genital warts cannot be effectively treated with any over-the-counter preparations.


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