Genital Warts – 4 Simple Home Remedies For Self-Treatment

October 29, 2009 by admin 

For health problems that are not yet that severe, home remedies are usually the first solution that a lot of people take. These home remedies are fine to use as long as you are completely knowledgeable regarding their proper application.
Aside from the financial considerations and ease of use, Genital Warts often first treated using home remedies in order to save the sufferer from the potential painless and embarrassing consultation session with the doctor. In general, these home remedies for Genital Warts involve the use of ingredients that are readily available and may be found in your kitchen.
1) A popular home remedy that has been proven effective for all kinds of warts is bleach. It should be applied directly to your Genital Warts two to three times a day. People claim that after a week of using this treatment, the warts will fall off.
2) Another home remedy for different kinds of warts is a mixture of baking soda and castor oil. Like bleach, the solution is applied directly to the genital warts. Multiple applications are needed in order to completely get rid of the warts. Note, however, that baking soda might irritate the skin in the genital area. If this happens, just use castor oil. To further enhance this home remedy, you may tape a slice of fresh garlic of the genital warts and leave it overnight. Doing so will help the warts fall off faster. You may also use a banana peel patch. Similar to what you would do with garlic, tape a banana peel over your genital warts and leave it for the rest of the night.
3) Some people also claim that the use of vitamins will help eliminate genital warts. Buy a few vitamin A or beta-carotene capsules and pinch them with a needle. Apply the liquid directly to your genital warts once or twice a day. You may also use vitamin E oil on the affected area and tape some crushed garlic over your warts. Some claim that when this is done everyday, your genital warts will fall off within one week.
4) Onion can also be used as a remedy for genital warts. Rub some salt over a few onion slices and leave them overnight. Then, extract the juice from the onion slices and apply it to your warts thrice a day until they disappear. You may also use fig stem extract and apply it two to three times a day. Apple cider is also effective. Using a cotton ball, gently apply it to the warts. Aloe can also help eliminate genital warts. Apply its extract directly on your warts. You will find that aside from removing warts, this will soothe the affected area. GPIt is important to know, however, that a lot of medical practitioners do not approve of self-treatment of genital warts. They warn against the harm that some of the substances contained in home remedies may cause. When not used properly and with imprecision, these home remedies may irritate the genital area, which is a very sensitive region. They may also cause harm to the nearby healthy tissues.


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