Genital Warts Medicine

October 29, 2009 by admin 

There are different ways that you can contract Genital Warts just as there are many different Genital Warts medicine treatments available. Actually, it’s probably a tossup as to which one comes out the clear winner in sheer numbers.

For one thing, Genital Warts medicine doesn’t need to be restricted only to medicinal and surgical treatments. They can also include such things as natural remedies, herbal remedies, holistic approaches as well as alternative genital warts medicine treatment methods.

Of course not everyone feels comfortable with going down this particular route and will instead stick to the more normal practices of scientific genital warts medicine.

For other people however, for whom these standard methods of treatment have waned over the years, the alternative approaches to genital warts medicine treatments is just what they needed.

The problem which arises here is not that of these alternative approaches being wrong or unduly dangerous. It lies instead in the fact that most people will try and treat themselves without having first obtained a proper diagnosis.

This might be stating the obvious, but not having gone through the rigors of medical school yourself, the average layperson is in no way qualified to diagnose and treat themselves.

Besides which, if you resort to taking over-the-counter medications to treat your genital warts you are not using proper genital warts medicine. The over-the-counter medications which can be readily found are not suitable due to their strong nature and should not be used as a genital warts medicine.

Proper genital warts medicine can only be obtained through a prescription, and even then you will find that the medication needs to be applied by trained medical personnel.

Also, these types of genital warts medicine cannot, in just about all of the cases, be used by women who are pregnant as the medicine can have a harmful effect on the unborn fetus.

The same applies for people who have other underlying medical conditions which will prevent them from taking the prescription genital warts medicine.

On the other hand, if people are looking for a readily available genital warts medicine which is also all natural, they have no further to look than their kitchen. Garlic, and Vinegar is the order of the day, along with such items as Onions, Shitake mushrooms, Apple juice, Pineapple and even Green tea.

All of these ordinary items can be turned around to help you fight off the HPV infection. They are all good genital wart medicine treatments and can be used without fear of side effects. That is of course if you’re not allergic to any of these ingredients!


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