Herbal Topical Gels For Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The first instinct of people upon finding out that they have symptoms of Genital Warts is to consult with a medical practitioner, who then recommends commercial prescription medications to combat the said disease. However, many people are starting to realize the advantages of using herbal topical gels. First they are easy to acquire, prepare, and apply. Next, they are cheaper than commercial drugs. Finally and most importantly, they are safe and pose no risk of harmful side effects.
Holistic medical practitioners claim that these herbal topical gels can improve our immune system. As a consequence, many skin conditions can be treated like Genital Warts. A skin condition as sensitive and serious as Genital Warts can be both physically and emotionally disruptive to the lives of sufferers. Since herbal topical gels have been proven to successfully alleviate the symptoms of genital warts, those sufferers can be spared from the possibly painful and embarrassing visits to the doctor.
Instead of resorting to electrocautery (burning) or cryotherapy (freezing) of the warts on the extremely sensitive genital regions, herbal topical gels can be utilized to boost the immunity of our skin in order to help it battle the said viral infection. As such, they are called immune response modifiers. The most popular forms of herbal topical gels for genital warts contain effective ingredients such as salicylic acid and tea tree oil that aid in improving the immune system of our skin to help fight off viral infections.
Aside from tea tree oil and salicylic acid, grape seed extract is found in herbal topical gels used against genital warts. This compound is obtained from the seeds of the kind of red grapes used in making wine. Grape seed extract is regarded as a very effective antioxidant. In fact, some experts believe that it contains more ingredients for boosting the immune system than do vitamin C, vitamin E, and beta-carotene. A lot of doctors even advise their patients to drink one glass of red wine per day in order to enhance the immune system and prevent heart disease.
Herbal topical gels that are used to combat genital warts may be found in most health food stores and at some pharmacies. They may also be purchased from online retailers.
Some people have found that genital warts may reappear even after treating them using herbal topical gels. In some cases, they may appear in even larger quantities and areas than before. It is thus vital that those who have finished using herbal topical gels be on the look out for future outbreaks and re-start the treatment as soon as they notice any signs of the return of genital warts. It is also very important that people who are currently or have been infected with genital warts tell their sexual partner about it in order to avoid the increase in infectors.
A lot of people have found that herbal topical gels have been effective in treating their genital warts. However, some medical doctors are against using these natural remedies. It is because they are concerned of the possible side effects of the contents of these herbal preparations, especially when used improperly.


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