How to Deal with Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

HPV -human papillomavirus is responsible for the occurrence of warts in the genitals which is a menace that anyone does not want to have. But this virus is very contagious that millions of people are now infected by the virus and they need to deal with Genital Warts. Having a sexually transmitted disease is something very embarrassing and frustrating.Here are some tips on how to deal with Genital Warts:Abstain from sex. If you already have the virus, you can transmit it to your partner and the only thing you can do to avoid spreading the virus is abstain from sexual intercourse until you are cured. Before learning how to deal with Genital Warts, you need to prevent the virus from spreading. Use protection during sexual intercourse. If there are cases that sex cannot be avoided, it is best to wear protection like condom. Although this is not 100% reliable because it cannot cover all the infected areas, you have to be cautious during intercourse not to transfer the virus or get the virus from an infected partner.Boost your immune system. Another way to deal with genital warts is improving your immune system to improve your antibodies that fights the HPV responsible for genital warts. Avoid stressful situations and as much as possible learn to manage stress because stress is a big factor affecting your immune system. Eat a well balanced diet and get enough sleep to make you healthy and stronger.Seek medical advice on the onset of the infection. Once you have the symptoms of genital warts, the best way to deal with it is see a doctor. Although most warts are not life threatening and might go away on their own, it is very important to rule out any condition that might lead to serious health issues. Your doctor may prescribe antiviral medicines to help you treat genital warts. There are also advance treatments to deal with genital warts like laser treatment, freezing or cryotherapy and electrocautery.Alternative remedies. Natural remedies are also gaining popularity because some sufferers find it effective and inexpensive as an alternative way to deal with genital warts. If you have tried almost everything but the virus is still there and you are suffering from recurring genital warts outbreak, then natural remedies are another option. Did you know that you can get rid of stubborn warts naturally in just 3 days? To know how visit Moles and Warts Free in 3 days.To know more about health and beauty visit Great Discovery-Health and Beauty


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