How to Diagnose Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The only way that Genital Warts can really be diagnosed is through visiting your doctor or one of the specialist sexual transmitted health clinics. Most females will be called into see their doctor about once every five years in order to get a cervical smear test done and this tests for a lot of different sexually transmitted diseases and cervical cancer so this test will show if an woman has caught genial warts or anything else. The cervical smear involves scraping a little bit of the wall of the uterine cervix and then this is tested. The cervical smear test is not painful although it can be a little uncomfortable.

Men are a lot of easier to diagnose Genital Warts on, as they will very often appear on the tip of the penis or around the anus. The warts could either be big warts or they could just appear as a small-discoloured area on the penis with little bumps.

If you are a part of the modern society that sleeps around then it is a good idea to get yourself checked regularly to see if you have caught any of the sexually transmitted diseases, which includes Genital Warts. Your own doctor can carry out these tests or you could attend one of the specialist sexually transmitted clinics. It is very important to get check on a regular basis because these sexually transmitted diseases are bad enough in themselves but they can actually lead to worse conditions and some of them such as genital warts can lead to cancer.

It is also possible for a type of genital warts to be transmitted to the throat or mouth through oral sex with someone who is affected. The warts are generally flesh coloured or a bit lighter than the normal flesh colour of the infected person. In most cases genital warts are pretty painless and some of the common symptoms are itchiness, pain or in some cases even some bleeding.

The genital warts appear as soft fleshy bumps that can be a variety of different sizes. As these are usually painless they are very often ignored by patients, which mean they will just get worse and they will actually lead too much bigger problems. It is very important to get any possible symptoms checked by a medical practitioner because it is vital that genital warts are treated immediately by one of the many creams such as the Wartrol genital wart creams.

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