How to Prevent Getting Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

And although it might not be entirely possible to avoid or prevent getting Genital Warts, if you don’t try and exercise the necessary caution you will be leaving yourself open to it more. On the other hand, no matter what you try you might still get Genital Warts. That doesn’t mean that your preventative measures failed. It could just mean that either you or partner had Genital Warts beforehand and that you were unaware of it. Or it could just be that you were more susceptible to it.

It could also be that your immune system is weakened due to any number of reasons which can make you more liable to contract genital warts. Also, if you have another sexually transmitted disease or HIV-AIDS or even cancer, genital warts could just be another symptom of this larger underlying cause.

Here though, I’ve listed a few of the methods of prevention that you might want to look into in order to prevent genital warts from occurring. Some of them might not be conducive to your lifestyle, but at least trying some of them can’t hurt.

• Celibacy

• Having a monogamous relationship is conducive to preventing or avoiding HPV

• Not starting sexual relations at a young age

• Wearing condoms when having sexual intercourse

• Using a spermicide during vaginal sex

• Use of dental dams during oral sex

• Avoiding sexual intercourse with a partner who is infected, this includes oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex

• Not using the same towel, clothing etc., of a person who is infected

• For women, having an HPV vaccine before you become infected (in most cases it’s best if you get the vaccine before you become sexually active)

• Having a healthy lifestyle (this includes cutting down on some things like cigarettes, alcohol, refined sugars and meats amongst other things)


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