I Used to Suffer From Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

It’s not everyday that I sit around thinking about Genital Warts, but I can assure you that on this particular day I was. And it was while I was pondering about just what it was that someone would want to know about Genital Warts, when it came to me that it might be a good idea if you, the reader, were to have a background picture of why I came to write about this topic in particular.

Genital Warts is not something that is readily spoken about, and it’s definitely not something that you would even think about writing in the normal course of events. Could it have been because I, myself, suffered from this potentially embarrassing and particularly bothersome problem? Or maybe I knew someone who suffered from these unpleasant genital warts.

Then again there’s always the possibility that I’m an experienced, or even budding, member of the medical profession and just couldn’t keep all this information to myself! So without further ado, here it is in all its glory: I used to suffer from genital warts. In fact I was a recurrent sufferer up until very recently. I didn’t find any miracle cure to stop my genital warts, and it wasn’t, at least for me, one particular remedy that worked.

It was instead a combination of a number of methods which I had tried over the years. Obviously not everything worked, but when something did, I made a note of it and used that in conjunction with other treatments. Finally I was able to get rid of my genital warts, and to this day it’s been two years since I had a recurrence.

So I thought I’d share my knowledge and experience with fellow sufferers. As I know in the battle of genital warts, every little helps. That’s why I’ve included most of the remedies which I’ve tried and a few which I’ve been told work like a charm.

You might be wondering why I would bother to mention any of the remedies which didn’t work for me, after all if they didn’t work for me, why should they work for you?

A funny thing happens though when people try out any type of genital warts remedies. Some people find the remedies work for them, others find that it does nothing whatsoever for them, and still others find themselves reacting adversely to them.

So before we go any further I would like to caution you to first do one of two things before you try these genital warts remedies. Either, Consult with you doctor beforehand to find out if these genital warts remedies are safe for you to try, or if they will in anyway react with any other medication that you might be taking. and/ or Read any labeling and information carefully, follow directions exactly, and first do a small test to see if you’re allergic to whatever remedy you’re trying out. After that’s taken care of you should then be able to proceed with whatever cure or remedy you had in mind.

Just remember that it’s also a good idea to keep a small log of the genital warts remedies that you’ve tried so that you don’t go through the same ones all over again, and so that just in case you do suffer from an adverse reaction then all of the information needed is at hand. Doing this will also help you to make sure that you don’t mix ’n’ match any remedies!


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