It is Possible to Have All Genital Warts Symptoms and Still not Display

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are viral infections, which may persist for a long time in tissues in the genital area of both men and women.

Unfortunately the symptoms of Genital Warts may not manifest themselves for a very long period of time. Not everyone with the

genital wart virus will have signs of a disease. You may have painless wart-like growths on or in your sex organs or around

your anus. Warts typically appear within 3 to 6 weeks after contact with an infected person of which they can take years to

appear. This in turn makes it difficult to track the infection for ages as it is passed from one partner to another.

Genital Warts symptoms are not easy to spot and are in often times over looked which is the main reason why so many people do

not seek medical attention until the disease is in its advanced stages. Genital warts are so many and vary a lot and in most

cases can be mistaken for something else. Depending on the type of HPV, most people who are infected are completely unaware

and can continue transmitting the virus to sex partners. This happens especially if the genital HPV does not manifest itself

in any particular way such as warts. One reason why the genital warts symptoms can be mistaken for something else is that

they are almost invisible to the naked eye.

Most people will begin to take over the counter medications because they will have a general run down feeling that may appear

like the onset of the flu. If your body system begins to behave in any abnormal way, its time to seek more advice from a

physician for accurate diagnosis so that you can receive the right treatment at the right time. The diagnosis can be done in

a number of ways. By dabbing a mixture of water and vinegar to the affected area the physician will be able to tell any

changes. I will insist on the point that when you display signs of genital warts to immediately visit a doctor. Some of these

genital warts are found in the vaginal walls and could clearly be thought to be a Yeast Infection.

By ignoring the genital warts symptoms and administering own medication; you could be doing an injustice to yourself because

soon or later the repercussions will be bad. Incase you find out that you are a victim, maintain a strong immune system by

eating right, getting exercise, getting enough sleep, managing your stress, and avoiding alcohol, tobacco, or other illegal


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will decrease the chances of recurrences, and in time, most people stop having any

recurrences. On the other hand, if your genital warts symptoms are not treated, it could lead to more serious cases like

cervical cancer for women or worse still HIV-AIDS. Be aware that HPV has no cure, but the genital warts can be treated. Take

care of your health by being alert of your body signals.


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