Looking at the Various Treatment Methods for Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

When you’re looking at the various treatments and treatment methods for Genital Warts that are available, there are a few things that you should ask about before committing to any of them. i.e. What are the benefits of the treatment ? How long, on average, will the treatment take ? What’s the cost of the treatment ? Will a different treatment be better for you ?, Do you need immediate treatment or can you wait ? What side effects can you expect from the treatment ?, Can you change the treatment if it’s not working ?, Can treatments be combined if the need arises ?, What should you expect with follow-up visits ? or What other types of treatments methods for Genital Warts are available to you?

When discussing treatment methods for Genital Warts you should also inform your physician about any underlying conditions which you might have. This includes if you are pregnant or are hoping to become pregnant, if you suffer from HIV-AIDS, or if you have any other medical conditions or reactions to medication.

You also have the option of postponing treatment methods for genital warts. This is not the same as leaving it completely untreated, as with this option both you and your attending physician decide to wait and monitor the progress, or the lack thereof, of the warts. This option allows you to postpone having any kind of treatment methods for genital warts for the time being as sometimes the warts can disappear of their own accord. Whether or not you will be able to postpone treatment methods for genital warts depends on a number of factors and what your doctor recommends.

However, f you decide to leave your genital warts completely untreated and there is no monitoring of the progression of the infection, you could be leaving yourself open for complications to arise. The factors that should be taken into account when deciding to postpone treatment methods for genital warts, and yet have it monitored, are, The severity of the genital warts. For instance if they are large, if they are in a problematic area, if they’re bleeding, if they become infected etc.

Your physician and you could also, in delying treatment methods for genital warts take into account the risks and complications that are associated with genital warts, the benefits of leaving it untreated, Your age and health, Any medical conditions you have, Your medical history, Whether this outbreak of warts is your first or whether it’s recurrent, How rapid the progression of the genital warts infection is when left untreated, Whether the genital warts will disappear on their own and also Whether there is any significant change at all in the appearance of the genital warts, in your health, and in your overall condition as time passes

If warts are found on the cervix treatment might be a necessary option to stop the HPV genital warts from changing the cell structure of the cervix, which in turn can lead to cancer of the cervix. You won’t need to take a long list of questions on the treatment methods for genital warts with you to ask the physician, although if you feel more comfortable doing so there’s no problem with that either. The key thing here is for you to know beforehand what these questions are, and what type of answer you might reasonably expect.

After all that’s why you’re reading this article, right? To get all the information that you possibly can about treatment methods for genital warts, and to find out what you can do about it. Besides, I always think it pays to be informed about what your options are when it comes to dealing with your own body, and at the very least it can’t hurt you to know what to possibly expect.

So along with everything else, to see which treatment methods for genital warts is right for you, you should take these into account; The severity of the genital warts plays a major role as, for instance, for a large spread of warts topical treatments might be foregone in preference of surgical treatments like laser therapy. The location of the genital warts also comes into play when determining the treatment methods for genital warts needed, Size of the warts is another factor, The risks associated with using a particular treatment, Cost of the treatment, Side effects of the different treatments, Whether there will be any resultant disfigurement from the treatments, And lastly, but not leastly, your preference of the choice of treatment


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