Looking For A Genital Wart Home Remedy?

October 29, 2009 by admin 

If you are suffering from Genital Warts, then you are not alone. Genital Warts are actually a very common problem suffered by both women and men. Genital Warts are associated with the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Some people will usually try a home genital wart remedy before going to the doctor, and if you want to try this first, it is certainly understandable. Some home genital wart remedy recommendations may not even require that you do any shopping at all.
Apple cider vinegar has become a popular home genital wart remedy. It is a popular remedy for several different medical conditions. Simply get a cotton ball and cut it down until it is just large enough to cover the wart. Soak it in apple cider vinegar and apply it to the wart. Secure the cotton ball with a bandage and change it two times a day. Some users of this apple cider vinegar remedy has indicated that the warts fall off within a few days.
There is another home remedy which is not quite as popular as the apple cider vinegar remedy but is considered just as effective. This is probably because of the smell it leaves. Simply slice an onion and cover it in salt. Then you place the salted onion in a container, cover and then leave it overnight. The onion will produce a juice. You then apply this juice on the wart in the same way as then you would apply the apple cider vinegar as described earlier.
The milk from a milkweed plant is another genital wart remedy that may be quite effective. Cut the leaf from a milkweed plant and extract the sap from it into a small bowl. The sap should not be used alone, however, as it will be too strong and could damage your skin. Get a lotion that contains Vitamin E and add it to the milkweed milk, about 90% lotion to 10% milk, then apply the lotion several times per day.
Vitamin E is one home remedy that has been found to work well. You can purchase Vitamin E alone or in lotions. Vitamin E oil would be more beneficial than a lotion because it is not diluted and has no other ingredients to counteract the effects.
Watch your diet and quit smoking to prevent genital warts. A good genital wart remedy is a diet rich in beta carotene and folic acid such as orange and red vegetables and fruits and green, leafy vegetables. Smoking is also a habit that contributes to genital warts so if you are a smoker, quit and you could prevent the warts from presenting in the first place. Some people have reported genital warts going away on their own after they have quit smoking.
If you have tried a remedy or two and still have the genital warts, it could be that your sexual partner has untreated warts and is passing them right back to you. Remember that it takes about three months for genital warts to appear once you have contracted them sexually so both you and your partner should be treated at the same time.
Genital warts can be embarrassing to talk about, even with your doctor, but you should talk to your doctor anyway regardless of your embarrassment; doctors have heard what you have to say about genital warts before. Your doctor can prescribe a genital wart remedy for you if the home remedies for genital wart fail to work.


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