Say No to Genital Warts Cream Treatments

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Do not throw caution to the wind and ignore this warning. The consequences would be regrettable. There are many methods of treatment used in the fight against HPV (or Genital Warts as it also more commonly known). And these can range from naturopathic treatments to holistic treatments to surgical treatments. These however, aren’t the only treatment methods which are available to remove visible signs of HPV.

For those who desire it, there are also various Genital Warts cream treatments available as well. Of course not everyone will decide to go this route and quite a few people these days will try their hand at using naturopathic treatments. This might sound odd to some people, especially if HPV treatments come in the form of Genital Warts cream treatments.

Naturally enough there is a reason for this seemingly odd behavior on the part of people who are normally perceived to be rational, and that is the fact that, most of these genital warts cream medications have many side effects associated with them. For a populace which is inundated with medication after medication which has sometimes has more side effects than benefits, this can sometimes be the turning point in their decision whether to go with a genital warts cream or whether to go with a different treatment. What most people are wary of is the many associated side effects and how this will ultimately affect their lives.

Admittedly a reasonable number of people will also throw this caution to the winds and for these people there is a choice of different genital warts cream treatments they can choose from. These include such topical ointments as Imiquimod, Fluorouracil, and Polyphenon. Genital warts cream treatments can also include such things called Interferons. These are antiviral drugs which can either be injected directly into the genital warts, or used as a genital warts cream. For the most part though most of these genital warts cream treatments should not be used if a woman is pregnant, as the ingredients contained within the genital warts cream treatments can be very harmful to the unborn fetus.

Another reason why people won’t use genital wart cream treatments is due to the fact that for the most part none of these creams are available outside of prescription by a doctor. That means that they can’t be bought over-the-counter at your local pharmacy. Then there is also the factor that most of these genital warts cream treatments need to be applied – at least in the beginning stages for some of the treatments – by trained medical staff. Here again, the reason for this lies in the potency of the particular ingredients which are found in the genital warts cream treatments.

For quite a few people these reasons – side effects, the ready unavailability of these creams, particularly strong ingredients and the fact they need to be administered by trained medical personnel – are very good ones to stay away from genital warts cream treatments altogether.


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