Sexually Related Preventive Measures Against Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

For my part I have to say that I tried celibacy as a preventive measure for Genital Warts and don’t like it all that much. In fact my personal best for staying celibate was a record breaking six months. Obviously if I had tried harder maybe I could have gone on for eight months, but it was difficult going as it was. The best preventative method – next to celibacy of course – is to avoid having sex with a partner who has been infected by Genital Warts. Obviously if you or your partner don’t know that he/ she has been infected then it can prove to be slightly difficult to follow this preventative measure (that’s why celibacy is the best method!).

Having a long term monogamous relationship is one of the best ways to avoid getting any of the sexually transmitted diseases, and this is just as true in the case of Genital Warts.

Although, I have to say that the problem that arises here, is that if ether you or your partner had sexual partners before your present relationship, genital warts are still a problem that could crop up. And if your partner had genital warts beforehand, since it doesn’t completely leave the infected person for a few years, then you still have a chance of developing genital warts yourself.

Beginning sexual relations at a very young age (this is normally defined as being in the early teens) has been known to be a factor for contracting genital warts. Abstaining from this or only beginning sexual relations at a later age can help in preventing genital warts from occurring.

The use of condoms although not an absolute fool proof method of avoiding sexually transmitted diseases can significantly reduce your chances of getting genital warts.

Although, if your partner has genital warts and you’re still having sexual intercourse, you should be aware that even though you might be using a condom, it might not cover all the infected areas. For instance, if the genital warts are located on the thigh area then a condom definitely won’t adequately protect you from infection. This means that you still have a chance of getting genital warts if you come into contact with any of the affected areas.

And if you’re aware of the possibility of genital warts only after the fact – after your partner shows signs of being infected – here again, you will have trouble with use of condoms. That’s why a medical visit is recommended to check for possible STD’s if you have now, or have had, more than one sexual partner.

If you engage in oral sex you might want to think about using dental dams or condoms to stop you or your partner from getting infected with genital warts. Again, these are not fool proof methods and the best thing that you could do would be to abstain from oral sex as well as other forms of sexual intercourse. But if you do engage in oral sex and your partner is infected with genital warts the use of dental dams could be something you want to look into.


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