The Denial, Fear and Disgust Associated With Genital Warts Infection

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Denial is a very common emotion for just about everyone to feel. Getting a Genital Warts infection is not something that anyone looks forward to, and since we’re always sure that we “were so careful, how could it have happened?” denial is one of the first emotions that will grip us. You can feel denial at the situation, denial of something like this happening to you, and denial at the possible consequences of having Genital Warts

Fear of Genital Warts is generally the last thing that we will admit to, because it is the most crippling of all emotions as we are finally admitting to ourselves that yes, we are vulnerable genital warts and that no, we won’t live forever in eternal youth and happiness. There is a serpent in paradise. Fear of genital warts can all but cripple a person so it’s always a good idea to seek help immediately from someone who can give you the necessary understanding of genital warts and be with you emotionally at this time.

Fear can also come from the knowledge of what might be, and what the future might hold for you now that you have genital warts. Will you be ridiculed? Cast off by your friends and family if they ever find out? Will you have to face the possibility of cancer because of genital warts, and along with that possible death; or will you be left alone for the rest of your living days, a pariah in society. As you can see fear can come in many forms and is not something to be laughed at. There’s always a bogeyman behind our fears, even if the bogeyman is only in our own heads and isn’t real.

It’s not easy to banish your fears of genital warts, but you also shouldn’t be afraid to face and overcome them either. Fear of genital warts is one of the few things that can hold a person back from achieving what they want. In this case, fear can hold up possible treatment for you.

It’s never pleasant to have to acknowledge to yourself that things like this can happen, but genital warts are a reality which you might one day have to face. And if it comes sooner than not at all I can say with complete honesty that it’s not something that most of us can look upon with calmness.

Disgust can come in the form of disgust for your body betraying you like this; disgust for what you have to go through and what you can no longer ignore; and disgust at the nature of genital warts infection that you have contracted. Having genital warts isn’t always a nice thing and anything that looks abnormal on our bodies can cause disgust within us.


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