The Rate of Contracting Genital Warts is High

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are a very common infection nowadays. if you are sexually active, and have had multiple partners you should be aware of this infection and its route of spread. The disease is predominantly spread by sexual contact. The rate of contracting Genital Warts is very high if you have sex with a high – risk individual. You must be aware of the risk factors for the infection as well.
If you have multiple sex partners, there are high chances that you may contract this infection. If you have protected sex, the rate of contracting Genital Warts reduces substantially, but the risk is never completely eliminated. Condoms and diaphragms offer protection but this is not one hundred percent. If you have been sexually active since a young age and have had sex with strangers whose sexual history is not known, you must be on a high alert regarding this infection. You should be wary of having sexual intercourse with someone who has a history of a sexually transmitted infection. The presence of any STD also increases the chances of contracting genital warts manifold.
The rate of contracting genital warts also depends on whether your partner has warts. If you or your partner has warts, you must abstain from sex until you have been treated. The warts are caused by a number of strains from a family of viruses called the Human Papilloma Virus. This virus is very contagious and spreads easily through sexual contact. Sometimes the virus can be transmitted by oral sex or even by hands. You have to take precautions because of the nature of this virus. You must not pinch or break off warts , if you have any. This will only worsen the infection and aid its spread via infected hands. The rate of contracting genital warts is high in such cases.
You should also understand that the creams sold online and at stores may not really be effective when it comes to treating genital warts. You have to check the contents of such preparations before using them. It is wiser to consult a qualified doctor in this regard. The treatment for genital warts will not eliminate the virus completely. You may have a recurrence later in life or when you get pregnant. If you have genital warts you should also go in for some form of check up regularly. This is especially the case for women. The HPV virus is closely associated with the development of cervical cancer. it is good to have an annual Pap smear done, if you have been diagnosed with genital warts at any point.
Advances in the field of medicine have now made it possible to reduce the rate of contracting genital warts. A vaccine called Gardasil is now available. This vaccine offers protection against two common strains of the virus. This is advised for females in the age group of nine to twenty six years. The vaccine has proven effective in preventing the development of infection and its consequences.


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