The Relationship Between Genital Warts Ang Hygiene

October 29, 2009 by admin 

In a few rare cases, Genital Warts have been known to affect people who share towels or even clothing with a person who is infected. This is why if you or someone else has Genital Warts, you should keep towels and the like separate until the infection is cured. All of these items should also be washed separately after the person has been cured of their Genital Warts. And even otherwise it’s a good idea to keep things like towels and clothes, especially undergarments, separate. This prevents the passing of infections and germs between people to a bare minimum.

Since genital warts are highly contagious, things like tanning beds and items used by other people might also harbor the infection. If they are improperly cleaned or maintained, there is a chance that you can get the HPV genital warts infection from these. Again, it’s something along the lines of using the towel of someone who has genital warts. The risks are the same. So if you’re not sure whether or not the tanning bed you’re using is clean I would suggest that you avoid it for the moment.

It’s not only tanning beds that can cause you to get genital warts, it’s also things like sex toys, medical equipment which haven’t been cleaned properly, diaphragms and cervical caps which haven’t been cleaned, etc.

Obviously there’s no way that you can be 100% certain that anything you come into contact with hasn’t been infected.

But it does pay to take precautions where you can, like avoiding tanning beds, cleaning any sex toys and such that you might use, cleaning diaphragms and cervical caps, and dental dams if you use them as well.

Although you might not believe it, stress can be a leading factor in the development of genital warts. This is because when a person is stressed or has a stressful lifestyle, their body also becomes stressed. What this means is that your immune system will also become stressed in trying to cope with the demands placed upon it. It will fight the good fight for as long as it can but at some point in time it will also need to take a break to replenish itself.

This means that if you’re infected with HPV, the minute your guard comes down on your immune system, genital warts can develop. Take the time to de-stress yourself once in a while and learn to sit back and relax. You need it, your body needs it, and most of all your immune system needs it to fight any invaders in your body.

Poor nutrition and hygiene can also lead to your developing genital warts. As I mentioned earlier, it is entirely possible to have the HPV infection and yet not show any physical signs of it. However, when you throw poor hygiene habits into the mix along with poor nutrition habits, you lower the guard your body has on invaders and your immune system is no longer able to hold out against such things as an HPV infection which is already residing within you.


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