Various Methods Available for Genital Warts Removal

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts removal is a long journey towards relieve and probably cure. This though will vary from time to time depending

on the choice of therapy for each patient. For people who are suffering from Genital Warts, looking for the best method for

Genital Warts removal can be a challenge because we have various ways to deal with them. The options that are open to you for

the removal of genital warts for instance could be anything from creams, prescribed medication, minor surgery on the warts

and so on.

Natural genital warts removal methods which include the use of herbs and herbal teas, tinctures, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, and

Aromatherapy and many more are also recommended. We also have Alpha-interferon injections which are other considered

treatment methods among other things.

First and foremost, for you to be put on these natural genital warts removal methods you have to wait for your body to get

back into shape, which can prove to take longer than surgical removal or creams and prescribed medicines. Under the banner

of natural genital warts removal, you will find that what really matters is a change in lifestyle. By this I mean eating

healthy foods, drinking lots of water and having enough rest. Therefore chances of recurring genital warts are reduced.

This requires a lot of self-discipline and motivation. This reason alone pushes most people away and you find majority

preferring medical methods like laser, or excision. After running biopsy tests on you, the best placed person to advice you

on which method to use on your genital warts removal is a physician.

Carbon dioxide laser treatment is best for extensive intra-urethral warts and extensive vaginal warts. This form of treatment

is precise and will not drain you off your energy. All of these genital warts removal treatments can be done in your

doctor’s office. Even if you have received treatment for your genital warts, it is still entirely possible for them to

return, facilitating the need for repeat treatment.

Genital warts removal can be an uphill task and which can be accomplished through all these methods. It only depends on each

individual and which treatment method you prefer.


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