What are the Genital Warts Symptoms?

October 29, 2009 by admin 

In many cases, Genital Warts symptoms vary from one person to another. From time to time it can even be mistaken for another medical condition. Sometimes Genital HPV does not manifest physically (such as warts) often misleading people to believe they have something else.

You see you could suffer from all the Genital Warts symptoms and still not see any warts. You in some cases the Genital Warts themselves can be so small that they are almost invisible to the human eye. This is often a major reason that makes people believe they in fact suffer from a different condition.

This reason alone is good enough to make you seek a physician help. He will take into consideration your genital warts symptoms and will run further test to decide if you have genital warts. One of the methods used to perform such test is to dab a small bit of acetic acid on the area suspected of having warts.

Unfortunately the genital warts symptoms can often be missed especially when found within the vaginal wall. In this particular case the genital warts symptoms can often be mistaken for another condition like the Yeast Infection. This is another good reason to consult a doctor if you suspect you are suffering from genital warts symptoms.

Having an accurate diagnosis performed by a professional will make sure you receive the proper treatment according to your condition. Doing a self diagnosis can lead you in the wrong direction; you could easily be treating yourself for the wrong condition.

Treating yourself for the wrong condition may not be dangerous although using the wrong medication can make your body used to that particular medication which in turn will render it useless if you ever need it.

The most important thing you should never do is to simply ignore your genital warts symptoms. Leaving your symptoms untreated can cause serious damage to your health and lead to a more serious condition such as the cancer of the cervix. If you are suffering from recurrent genital warts symptoms consult immediately as this can be the precursor of much more serious conditions like cervical cancer and even HIV-AIDS.

In such severe cases, the genital warts symptoms are probably the signs of the more serious condition. This is exactly why YOU MUST consult you physician to have a proper diagnosis to make sure you really are suffering from genital warts symptoms. Making sure you have the proper treatment.

Unfortunately even if you manage to get rid of the genital warts symptoms, the virus itself “the human Papilloma Virus (HPV)” cannot be treated.


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