What Leads to the Recurrence of Genital Warts

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Recurrence of Genital Warts is probably everybody’s nightmare: recurring Genital Warts. It was bad enough that you had to go through it one time, but to even imagine that you might have to go through it again is nearly unbearable. And as a person who trod down that nightmare path many a time myself, I can tell you that it’s no picnic.

Although you might have thought that your Genital Warts were cured when they disappeared there’s a 50% chance recurrence of genital warts within about 1 year or so.

This is due to the fact that although the genital warts can disappear of their own accord, be medicinally treated, or surgically incised or removed, the HPV strain which caused it can live on in you. Sometimes it can live in your body up to 1-2 years for the HPV to be resolved within your body itself.

Sometimes, in a few cases recurrence of genital warts can live on in a person for close to a lifetime. Even if your body does oust the invading HPV strain, it doesn’t mean that you now automatically get immunity from recurrence of genital warts strains.

You’ll only be immune to the strain that you contracted and dispelled from your body. This means that you will still be open to recurrence of genital warts. This is why it’s difficult for doctors to know whether you have a recurrence of genital warts of the same HPV strain or whether you have another strain of HPV.

What this means, is that most people who get recurrence of genital warts in fact, get it again even after successful removal of the warts in the first place. However, don’t despair at the thought of having to deal with the dreaded genital warts all over again.

It has long been thought, although not proven, that successful removal or eradication of the warts can aid in the eradication of the HPV infection within you as well. It hasn’t been proven that this is the case, but what it does do however, is to shine a ray of hope into what could otherwise be a very gloomy outlook.

By getting treatment for your genital warts and not ignoring them altogether, you’re at least giving your body a fighting chance against its war with the recurrence of genital warts. There are many reasons for recurrence of genital warts though, and they don’t all have to do with the HPV infection living on within your body.

A recurrence of genital warts can be down to any one of these reasons, which is why follow-up appointments with your doctor are highly recommended, as is continued use of any or all of the preventative measures.

Recurrence of genital warts can occur due to due to,

• A compromised immune system (for instance if you have HIV-AIDS)

• If you have cervical cancer

• If you have herpes or other sexually transmitted diseases

• If you have sexual intercourse with a partner infected with genital HPV

• If the HPV infection has a long incubation period

• If some warts were missed or overlooked during the initial treatment

• If lesions were deep

Recurrence of genital warts is a complication that a lot of people have to live, and which almost 50% of people consider their reality. It doesn’t have to be the case, but it can happen and if you have already had Recurrence of genital warts then you should take steps to prevent it as far as possible.


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