Where Do Genital Warts Occur in your Body?

October 29, 2009 by admin 

The name says it all and you would expect to find Genital Warts on your genital area. The whole point of this section though, is to give you an idea of exactly where on your genital area that you can expect to find the human papilloma virus.

Most warts grow in moist warm areas, and just like Plantar warts thrive on the moist, damp places of your feet and hands, so too do Genital Warts thrive in the moist dark places afforded by your genital area.

Where to expect Genital Warts,

• On the vulva

• In the vaginal cavity

• On the lips of the vagina

• On the cervix

• On the penis (normally on the head of the penis although warts can also be found under the foreskin, and on the shaft)

• On the scrotum

• On the groin

• In or around the anus

• Near the urethra

• And in some cases, on the thighs

As you can see the list covers just about the whole genital area and then some. And in cases where the warts develop inside the body, it can be especially hard to know that you have genital warts unless you have a proper medical checkup. Genital warts can also be missed during these checkups, or during self-examinations if they are covered by hair, or are in other hard to reach places where they can easily go unnoticed.


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