Who is Most Likely to Get Genital Warts?

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts are a sexually transmitted disease and therefore people of either sex are liable to get it if they come into contact with an infected person. That said, there are a few target groups of people who are more likely to get Genital Warts than others.

But just because you might fall into any of these categories, it does not mean that you will get Genital Warts, it just means that the risk factor for you is higher than if you.

So, who is most likely get genital warts? To begin with it should be noted that the incidence of developing genital warts for either sex is about the same, People in their 20’s, People who have multiple sexual partners, If you begin sexual intercourse at a very young age, Pregnant women, People who have immune suppression medical conditions, People who have contracted other sexually transmitted diseases, like herpes for instance Cigarette smokers, and people who consume alcohol (about 2-5 glasses per week)

Also you are most likely to get genital warts If you’ve been using steroids, If you’ve been using immune suppressant drugs for any reason

or If you’re stressed and your immune system is weakened. It’s not written down in stone that if you fall into one of these categories that you will get genital warts, but there is a strong likelihood of it.

Being aware of this can help you to protect yourself and to take the right steps in prevention if at all possible.


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