You Can Do Everything Right Yet Have Genital Warts Scars to Deal With

October 29, 2009 by admin 

Genital Warts scars is a risk that you will run when you have Genital Warts. You can get Genital Warts scars due to treatment methods or it can be scarring as a result of scratching the affected areas. Getting genital warts scars just because you have genital warts isn’t a hundred percent chance, but it can happen.

Sometimes the treatment methods themselves can lead to genital warts scars of the delicate skin around the genital area. Many surgical methods can leave unsightly genital warts scars even if they are done properly.

So if your treatment was handled by someone who wasn’t too competent with the procedures and the equipment, you might find that you have quite extensive genital warts scars as a result of the procedure.

genital warts scars doesn’t have to be as a result of surgical procedures either. It can come as a result of any of the other methods you use to treat yourself as well. For instance, I know this person who developed genital warts scars on her thighs. It was only the first time it had happened, so she was prescribed a topical ointment and told to use it until the warts disappeared.

It took her about two to three weeks to fully get rid of the warts, but afterward she was left with a patch of skin that was discolored. That was two years ago, and she still has it to this day. The warts haven’t come back, but the discolored genital warts scars still remains as a reminder that she once had genital warts.

She’s not distressed about this – she a very practical person – but the use of certain creams and ointments has reduced the appearance of the genital warts scars discoloration. My point though, is that you can do everything right and still be left with scars to deal with.


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