5 Things You Ought To Avoid Doing While Dieting

May 28, 2010 by moi 

1)Don’t use the word diet because it implies it will end in the future. Altering your eating habits and standard of living is a must if you desire to lose weight. Your new eating habits will also help you maintain your weight forever. By changing your eating habits practically a part of that diet will stay with you for the rest of your life. The purpose of the diet is to teach you how to make smarter eating choices.

2)Don’t consume only super low caloric aliments. Foods that contain just a a small amount of calories can assist you lose weight quickly but you will also lose your muscle mass and your body will get severely parched. Everyone knows that muscles burn much more calories daily than body fat does. You have to do your best to increase your muscle mass if you want to lose weight fast and maintain your newly acquired form.  

3)Don’t become dependent on limiting your food intake to lose weight. The key to losing weight fast is having a excellent and healthy nutrition combined with regular workouts. Working out  has many weight loss benefits: it increases your metabolic rate and it helps you burn the excess calories that your body doesn’t require. If you really want to lose weight quickly you have to work out. There are loads of sports out there that you can practice: form walking to swimming and going to the gym. You ought to work out for at least 30 minutes two times a week.

4)Don’t sleep only for a couple of hours each night. Recent studies proved that sleep deprivation is actually fattening. Sleep deprivation seems to play a major role in making you fatter. When you don’t sleep enough your body produces more ghrelin, the hunger hormone which will make you eat a whole lot more food than you actually need. By letting your body get all the rest it needs you won’t have to use your willpower and motivation to not falter in front of food an binge like mad.

5)Don’t eat your food from a big plate or bowl. A recent study done by the scientists at Cornell University and the University of Illinois proved that the size of the serving-bowl influences your eating behavior. On an average the test subjects that used larger serving bowls put with 53% more food in them and ate with 56% more food at each meal. That means that the larger bowl users ate roughly about 142 more calories at each meal 140 calories might not seem that much but you should multiply that by 3 because you eat three times during a day. If you continue having the bad habit of eating form large serving bowls don’t be surprised if in 1 year you gain 44 pounds. Throw out all the big bowls and plates that you have and buy smaller ones and you will maintain and lose weight much more easily.


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