A Bacterial Vaginosis Home Remedy

February 22, 2011 by moi 

A bacterial vaginosis home cure can essentially be seriously better than antibiotics or over the counter treatments.  Indeed many people prefer to use natural remedies instead of turning to medication when possible.  

If you have issues with bad vaginal odour you are highly likely to have bacterial vaginosis.  This is distinguished by a horrible fishy odor, a gray water discharge and infrequently a burning, itching sensation.  Though many girls feel highly embarrassed and sometimes shamed of the condition.  

Many women find bacterial vaginosis extremely hard to get rid of and frequently try many paths to clear it.  Antibiotics are seldom the most suitable option as this condition isn’t due to an infection, but rather an inflammation caused by an overgrowth of bacteria.  

In the vagina there are two kinds of bacteria-good and bad.  Under ordinary circumstances the two are “balanced”, with the good bacteria keeping the bad in control.  When bacterial vaginosis is fired ( and there is often no clear cause ) it is an indication that the bad bacteria have done well and this is what caused the hideous symptoms.  

Though antibiotics do kill off bacteria, they kill off both bad and good.  This suggests that when they have finished working and the vagina is naturally repopulated with bacterial, there aren’t enough “good ” bacteria to maintain the equilibrium, so the full cycle starts again.  This is precisely why ladies who take antibiotics to clear bacterial vaginosis frequently find a reoccurrence within just a few weeks.  Indeed research has demonstrated that over 70% of women will have the condition again.  

One good bacterial vaginosis home cure is tea tree oil.  This strong antibacterial substance is safe to use and adding a few drops to a warm bath can help to kill off dangerous bacteria.  An alternative way of using tea tree oil is in pessary form.  These are available from healthfood shops and are a really potent and productive treatment.  

There is a bacteria vaginosis home cure that will work much quicker than antibiotics and without complications.  In addition, there isn’t the recurrence of the condition as there is with antibiotics.  Imagine how much better the cure will be when instead of murdering off all bacteria in the body, your immune response is tough enough to fight off any bad bacteria exceedingly fast.

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