Acai – How To Not Get Ripped Off

April 7, 2011 by moi 

Acai juice originates in Brazil where acai
berries are grown and harvested by locals.. The acai berries grow on palm trees and are deep purple with a small amount of pulp.

Normally with fruit juice products, the fruit is better than the juice.  This is not the case with the Acai berry.  Due to the small amount of pulp contained in the acai berry, it cannot be eaten until the juice is extracted.  Most people say that acai tastes like a berry and chocolate combined.

Acai is incredibly popular in Brazil and is more often preferred over milk.  A lot of people believe that due to the high nutritional value of acai juice, it can be used as a meal replacement.  The Acai fruit juice is packed full of fatty acids, calcium, minerals, potassium, proteins and vitamins, all the nutrients your body needs for healthy living. During the harvesting season (July – December), the Acai berries are soaked in water to soften them up so the seed can be removed.  The acai juice is then finalized by adding water and oil to the fruit pulp.  Usually, Brazilians crush the acai berries to extract the acai juice.

Acai juice is very well known around the world for its amazing health benefits. It has been said that Acai juice may help with arthritis, inflammation in the muscles and joints, body pain, the aging of our skin and even sleep issues.  Many studies are being done to research the effects of acai juice on heart attacks, cardiovascular problems, immune deficiencies, and even cancer.

The health benefits of acai juice are plentiful.  Production of this native Amazonian berry has created many jobs for the people of Brazil, as there are currently more than 60 pulping and freezing factories located in this region.  In an effort to protect the Amazon rain forest, Brazilians still harvest the acai berry by hand.  To avoid oxidative damage, the Acai berries are processed within 24 hours. A lot of workers will pick the berries fast in an effort to get them to the factory quick.

Acai Juice is extremely popular in the world market, mostly due to the highly publicized benefits of this amazing acai berry.  Acai juice is perfect for daily use and is an excellent addition to any diet.


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