An Alcohol Dependent Individual Goes to Alcohol Rehabilitation, Gets Alcohol Detoxification and Treatment For His Depression and His Alcohol Addiction, and Begins to Live Life to the Fullest

May 19, 2010 by moi 

Barry used to boast to his buddies how he could work at a demanding and fulltime job and get intoxicated just about every night. Unfortunately, after involving himself in this destructive lifestyle for nearly three years, he started to experience several alcohol related issues.

Barry Begins to Display a Variety of Alcohol Related Problems

As an example, he had a hard time getting up for work because he felt so worn-out when he got up. Not only this, but virtually every morning Barry experienced a nasty hangover. In short, the combination of his hangovers and his lack of energy did not make it easy for him to get up and feel inspired to go to work. To make things worse, he recently received his third driving under the influence citation in the past twelve weeks.

To further complicate things, at his job his last two performance appraisals were less than satisfactory. And finally, his marriage with his wife had deteriorated due to his lack of patience, financial difficulties, angry outbursts, and his depression.

Though Barry was only twenty-five years old, he simply began to look like he was in his early forties. Sadly, this is what excessive and abusive drinking can do to a person. And from a realistic perspective he comprehended that he was suffering from the negative consequences of alcohol dependency or alcohol abuse and that he was too young to squander his life to hazardous and abusive drinking. So initially he tried to drink in moderation. Regrettably, he soon grasped the fact that he lost all control after ingesting his first drink. Stated another way, after his first drink he invariably proceeded to get drunk. Due to the fact that this was a situation that was repeated again and again, this obviously troubled him a great deal. In fact, he began to wonder if he was exhibiting some of the signs of alcoholism and alcohol abuse.

Barry Makes up His Mind To Make an Appointment to See His Physician

After discussing his excessive alcohol drinking and his irresponsible and careless drinking with his wife, he finally made up his mind to schedule an appointment to see his physician. When Barry saw his family doctor, he genuinely stated that he has been abusing alcohol, that he may be manifesting alcoholic signs, and that he wants to stop drinking. He then confirmed that drinking responsibly and in moderation doesn’t work for him and, as a consequence, he wants to learn how he can develop an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Barry also told his family doctor about his depression and how this mental health issue was negatively affecting his relationship with his wife. His healthcare professional referred Barry to Doctor Sopko, an alcohol and drug addiction therapist, who persuaded Barry to enter into an alcohol and drug treatment center as an in-patient for alcohol detox and alcohol rehab. The good news is that Barry would also be able to get medical attention for his depression at this treatment center.

Stopping Drinking Was the Best Decision Barry Had Ever Made

After six months of comprehensive treatment, Barry left the in-patient rehabilitation facility and continued his recovery via going to local Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and via outpatient counseling. Encouraged to change his life in a more positive way, Barry went to a health store and bought some vitamins and a cookbook. He then joined a gym and began working out two or three times per week. Within six months Barry was a new person. He wasn’t depressed anymore, he was in shape, he was eating nutritious meals, he now looked younger than he was, and most important of all, he remained sober for numerous months. He also became more patient, he didn’t resort to angry outbursts, and he became a more loving person in his relationship with his wife. Simply put, getting and staying sober was the best decision Barry had ever made.


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