Ask Questions Dealing With Your Health And Get Professional Suggestions From This Expert Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in Marietta

March 10, 2011 by moi 

Questions are one of  the most effective things personal trainers   obtain for adjusting   your health.  Why Is This So? The For the reason that  the right questions permit  us to get very transparent   in regard to  what it is we really would like.  At the time you possess   clarity   about  what it is you wish to have, you are able to  set your objective to acquire it and begin with taking action.

As soon as a personal fitness trainer   establishes with a new client the goals they are seeking, he or she can then start to talk about specific resources to help them acquire it.  Let’s say it’s the Balanced Eating Program. More often than not, people will communicate to me it sounds fabulous.  “But I have already lost pounds with this, that and the other renowned strategy , and when I went off it, I gained it all back again…plus some.  What exactly does your program have that those didn’t to help me keep off the weight?”

HMMMM!  Let me go over what I just heard.  You started a program and you lost the extra pounds.  As you just said, the program worked.  Then you stopped the program and you gained it back.  Am I correct? Seems to me it was not about the program.  When you were “abiding by” the program, you lost pounds and felt better.  The best question to discuss is “if it was working, why did you quit it?”

BUSTED!!!  Don’t you despise that it invariably comes back to us.  NOT from accusatory or finger pointing mission.  But merely to focus on our thought processes and emotional sabateurs that waylay us just as we are approaching success.Here are some of the answers I quite often get: “I get bored with the food”; “I got stressed out and ate my way through the refridgerator”; “Everyday living got in the way”.  Here’s another common answer: “I was only losing about a pound a week. I got discouraged and figured it wasn’t working so why bother.”

Do any of these sound familiar?  What could my program offer that can counteract all these things? Guess What?  There are tools and systems that help you cope effectively with all these issues. If you have any interest in finally gaining back dominance over these unconscious habits keeping you from achieving your long-term weight loss success, you should let a fitness trainer know.

However, first ask yourself what you really want.  Are you ready to shift into a healthy lifestyle in a gentle, easy way?  Can you do it by being really gentle and loving with yourself or does it have to be hard and painful?”  WOW!  Compelling questions from a Smyrna personal trainer , huh?


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