Bacterial Vaginosis Biological Remedies

March 2, 2011 by moi 

Even though bacterial vaginosis is a mild infection of the vagina, it’s the most typical type of vaginitis among women.  Common signs and symptoms can include things like: a foul fish like odor with vaginal leaking, which is stronger after intercourse, discharging from the vagina that maybe milky white in color, or maybe yellow or a thin gray.  Generally there are antibiotics that are generally available to help cure this sort of vaginitis but there are also bacterial vaginosis natural cures as well .  

Bacterial vaginosis is due to an overgrowth of bacteria that live in the vagina.  Often, there are a few different sorts of natural bacteria that live in the vagina and analysts are unable to bring it down to only one cause that is linked to bacterial vaginosis.  What we do know is that when these bacteria becomes imbalanced, it can then cause signs and symptoms like a foul odor from vaginal discharge, which is stronger after intercourse.  As well as vaginal leaking that maybe yellow, milky white or a thin grey color.  It’s known as the most common type of vaginitis and due to a couple of its signs and symptoms, can frequently be confused with thrush.  

In the case of a doctor’s visit, he or she may ask you some quick routine questions and may take a sampling of vaginal discharge to have it tested to be positive that you suffer at the hands of this type of vaginitis.  

If it is proven that you do, you perhaps prescribe with either an oral antibiotic or a vaginal antibiotic.  However , there are bacterial vaginosis natural remedies that can be tried too.  If you are familiar with the signs and evidence of this kind of vaginitis, or it is a reoccurring episode, then you could be able to save a little money & time by employing these natural remedies which can include : Garlic, tea tree oil and goldenseal simply to name a couple.  

So if you’re acquainted with the signs and signs of bacterial vaginosis or you are having a reoccurring episode, then try some of the bacterial vaginosis natural remedies.  They may just save you a trip to the doctor’s.  But if this is your first episode, and you aren’t quite sure ; consider consulting your doctor first.  You do not need to try to treat something, you don’t have.  

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