Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment – A Simple Approach

March 10, 2011 by moi 

Bacterial vaginosis ( from this point on called bv ) is due to a disparity in your body’s natural bacteria levels and an organism called Gardnerella Vaginalis.  There are good bacteria and bad bacteria which reside in your vagina – in a similar way to the bad and good bacteria in your intestines.  You will have seen advertisements on TV for special types of yoghurt that help the good bacteria in your tum.  I have yet to see an advert on the television for yoghurt for the good bacteria in your vagina!  In real fact yoghurt can be used, and many girls have used this efficiently.  

Bv is a condition distinguished by a fishy smell and often greyish ( often yellowish ) discharge from your vagina.  It could also itch madly, and give you a burning painful sensation.  The base of the difficulty

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t address the base of the problem – which is that the natural balance of good and bad bacteria has been upset.  The antibiotics can offer transient relief – but can also destroy good bacteria also.  This often ends in the condition coming back.  

As discussed above, some ladies have used yoghurt with greatness in their treatment of Bv.  The right way of taking it is to soak a tampon in yoghurt and insert it in.  Of course, ensure it is plain yoghurt and sugar free!  Below is a 2 step simple approach that many girls have found very efficient.  

Bacterial Vaginosis natural treatment – 2 Steps

This essentially involves killing off the infection, and then re-populating your good bacteria.  Sounds extremely simple, which it is, but this clear technique is largely missed by the medical profession, who will have you on an easy solution of antibiotics, which often only show short lived results.  

1.  Douche with herbs like tea-tree oil or diluted apple cider vinegar.  I know many sources online tell you to stop douching.  This is because many scented douches contain chemicals that will kill good bacteria and make the problem worse.  In this example we are using natural products to neutralize the condition.  

2.  Take supplements both topically and orally to re-populate your body’s natural balance.  Acidophilus is often advised.  These can be taken orally, and you may get suppositories to insert.  

That is it!

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