Can A Laser Help You Stop Smoking

March 26, 2011 by moi 

The term smoking on its own could bring about a lot of different positions about the advantages and disadvantages of this common habit. Smokers would argue that it has its comforting results whereas non-smokers would argue that it can result in lung cancer in smokers and has a bad effect on even non-smokers who could become passive smokers. However, it is quite clear that the disadvantages of smoking, suffered by the entire population, outbalance its advantages, which only smoker’s experience.

Kick The Smoking Habit

When it comes to quitting smoking, smokers are very traumatic because after having smoked for, usually, several years it is very difficult to have to quit completely. Due to this, many programs have been prepared to help smokers quit the habit as easily as possible.

Cures include phone hot lines that can be called for therapy to prevent going back to the habit, nicotine patches to help cut the desire for nicotine step by step and not suddenly, attending groups with people trying to quit smoking to reduce the desire of smoking again, acupuncture and laser treatment.

Smokers Lungs

If you want to choose a method that does not use needles, you should go for the laser treatment. The needles usually are a reason for quitting smokers to avoid acupuncture. The laser stop smoking treatment thus is a very functional method of giving up. How it works is that it uses the laser stop smoking technology to make contact with nerves that cause the cravings for nicotine, therefore suppressing the need for nicotine. Also the nerves that cause the stress, which was otherwise dealt with using the nicotine, are now repressed so that the person feels relieved and does not undergo any physical suffering as a result of quitting smoking.

The laser stop smoking method is more useful than methods like nicotine patches as it helps the smoker stop smoking without the use of nicotine in whatever form. In methods like the awareness groups and quitting instantly, there are chances of the smoker suffering from stress and cravings for nicotine that may lead to depression and so on. With the laser stop smoking method this can easily be avoided.

Tobacco Facts

Laser stop smoking is a simple treatment as it involves just one actual treatment using the laser stop smoking technology and the treatment itself lasts for just over half an hour. The laser is normally applied to the ears, hands and the nose. Laser stop smoking is said to be effective immediately and has almost no side effects, the minimal side effects being light headedness.


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