Can Organic Coconut Oil Maintain Your Youth?

May 9, 2010 by moi 

There are a number of benefits to organic coconut oil which we will discuss in this article. But first lets learn how this organic superfood is produced. To begin, the coconut flesh is dried at a low temperature and then cold-pressed. Whilst it is being pressed the oil will come out and is put into a bottle and sent to health food stores. If done at not too high a temperature, the flavor will be perfect.


There is slightly over 90% of saturated fat in organic coconut oil, which is good for the body as fat is vital for the workings of the body, as it has those healthy and healing medium triglycerides. These MCTs aid your bodys thyroids, nervous system, immune system and skin, and is also an energy booster. Also these MCTs help your metabolism to quicken, which as a consequence, help you to lose some pounds. A study was carried out on farm animals where they given organic coconut oil, and these animals stayed fit and lean. However, when they were put on a diet of soybean oil, they put on weight quickly.


Thats not all! Those MCTs also help with their antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. This oil is by far one of the best sources out there for dietary fat. This coconut oil is very simple to add into your diet. Simply add it to a beverage, or even a certain food instead of other oil that can be used. The taste of the coconut oil is very sweet, and you will wonder how something this good tasting can be this good for you.


Also, you can make a healthy dessert by combining with other organic foods. If you replace olive oil with coconut oil or even butter you would be adding some wonderful flavor to your food.


With oil, you can also use it in other ways. Use it on your skin; just put a bit on and your dry skin will feel better. Even combine the coconut oil with shea butter. Also, the oil will help out your teeth. The oil will help to kill more germs in your mouth and will naturally normalize that pH in your mouth.


Being organic, it is cholesterol free, which will aid your heart to keep beating. Also the oil has anti-aging properties which are quite amazing.


With this oil you will find some great benefits that include the following. It will help in your digestion of amino acids and fat-soluble vitamins; help to fight off those nasty viruses by boosting the immune system; can help out if you suffer from diabetes and lowering your blood sugar; its an antioxidant and will help your body absorb magnesium and calcium; plus the organic coconut oil will help use those fatty acids in a more efficient way. With this all natural oil you have a healthy and tasty alternative to other sweeteners and oils that you can use in your foods. Try it in a naturally made milkshake. It tastes great!


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