Consider the World’s Most Advanced Open MRI For Your Next MRI Scan!

May 18, 2011 by moi 

Why not view the world’s most advanced Open MRI for your next open MRI scan? Our technology is recognized and reimbursed by all major insurance companies. The newest and best technology at no extra cost to YOU, the patient!

The World’s Most Advanced High-Field Stand-Up MRI available ANYWHERE

Would you trust your health to a diagnostic tool that is the product of “older technology”?

Locations serving the Washington DC, Baltimore, Suburban Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.

FULLY COVERED BY INSURANCE – no additional cost vs. the older “traditional” Magnetic resonance imaging technology at other imaging centers.

Sit Down or Stand Up and Watch your favorite television show during your Open MRI scan!

Eliminate the fear of claustrophobia or being squeezed into a tube – now this is what you want.

High Field Weight Bearing MRI vs. the Traditional “older technology” Open MRI

Washington Open MRI now has the world’s only high field full-body Stand-Up Open MRI scanner that can scan patients in the sitting or upright position.

Our new Stand-Up Open MRI technology allows you to watch TV during your Open MRI scan!
No more fear of claustrophobia that prevents many patients from receiving the benefits of MRI’s diagnostic benefit.
Washington Open MRI’s Stand-Up Open-MRI is the world’s only Patient-Comforting? scanner.
Our Open MRI technology is toally open and accessible!

The world’s most advanced technologital breakthrough is second to none in the MRI imaging world, and fully reimbursed by all insurance carriers at no additional cost to the patient.

The revolutionary Open MRI scanner features the only MRI-compatible patient positioning system, which has been designed to be fully functional Inside the scanner’s magnetic field. It can position the patient for the conventional “lie-down” MRI scanning, or upright for weight-bearing studies. The entire spine can be imaged in the normal weight-bearing posture, even with the patient touching their toes for full flexion images of the lumbar spine area. Flexible patient positions that are impossible on conventional “lie-down” MRI scanners are routine on Washington Open MRI’s new Stand-Up Open MRI.

The patient positioning system is tilted back slightly in order to stabilize the patient and avoid body motion during your Open MRI procedure. Patients can be positioned facing the poles, which enables a large range of motion for scans of the shoulder. Scans can also be obtained with flexion of the lumbar spine.This new Stand-Up Open MRI is based on FONAR’s proven high-field technology, and FONAR is the PATENT HOLDER for MRI scanning technology – all others license this proprietary technology fror their MRI equipment. So who do you think will always be using “the most advanced technology”.The combination of the transaxial magnetised field and any of FONAR’s array of high signal-to-noise solenoidal surface coils is one of the key reasons why the new Weight-Bearing Stand-Up or Sit-Down Open MRI is second-to-none in image quality. Its full range of advanced package features and state-of-the-art pulse sequences provide unparalleled diagnostic precision.

In Modern Science…

often an upright position is the only position in which the patient’s symptoms can be viewed and diagnosed. Certain cardiovascular and neurological disorders exhibit their symptoms primarily when the patient is upright. The same is true of the GI tract and the neck, spine and joints, including hips, knees and ankles which are the most common scan requests. Coupled with MRI’s unparalleled ability to “see” soft tissues, Stand-Up Open MRI gives physicians a more detailed view of pathology and its impact on function.

From the perspective of medicine, Stand-Up Open MRI provides a spectacular view of the body’s interior. For the first time, Washington Open MRI brings to the medical practice the newfound ability to see inside the body in the normal position of function – upright.

This technological breakthrough is second to none in the MRI imaging world, and fully reimbursed by all insurance carriers at no additional cost to the patient.

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