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April 3, 2011 by moi 

Fashion is one of the fastest evolving industries in the world and a huge proportion of people spend hundreds of millions of dollars every month trying to constantly keep up with the latest trends. Women’s hairstyles, far from being left out from this evolution, are certainly one of the fastest changing sub-sectors of the fashion industry and although this year is the start of a new decade, fashion is pointing towards the revival of older hairstyles.

Hair trends for 2011 seem to be revolving around the revival of styles and cuts from not only recent times, but also trends from the 1960s and 1970s. These styles are being reworked and modified to thrust them into the limelight once again. One of the main themes of 2011 is effortless style, which could be called an oxymoron in this sense as creating some of these styles will certainly not be effortless! Another cyclical trend that is coming back around again this year is the preference of hairstyles over haircuts.

One of the more prominent and modish trends in hairstyles of recent weeks is the birds nest bun. Catwalks of Milan, Madrid and London have all seen a lot in the way of effortless style hair trends recently and the birds nest bun, combining two hair style revivals, has been seen on all of them.

People with short hair, who love the fashion styles of the 1960s will be happy to hear of the return of the bob to the forefront of fashion. Although the bob has been quite popular for a few months now, most commonly sported with a fringe, the latest take on that classic style is the longer waved bob which has been seen on quite a few catwalks of late.

Over the last year or so, braids have made a comeback and have been popular in many forms and 2011 is no exception. Whilst hair trends in 2011 are focusing more on style of cuts, braids will continue to be fashionable, especially when combined with other styles. One of the most prominent incarnations of this latest trend is the braided topknot.

As we have already seen, the trend in 2011 is actually about revival rather than reinvent. With fashion clothing following the same ethos, we are going to see a lot of 1960s and 70s styles with modernizations on catwalks over the next year. Although it was last trendy only a few years ago, the fringe has come back for long hairstyles in a sort of three year cycle; additionally the pixie crop has also made a comeback with short hairstyles.

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